The A-Hope Day Center is an integral part of Asheville’s Homeward Bound, the non-profit agency in town responsible for offering services and housing to the homeless. Open from 7 am – noon daily, the center provides basic services (showers, mail, phone, storage) and builds relationships that lead people out of homelessness and into permanent housing. It’s the front door to Homeward Bound and to the community’s homeless service system. Due to a recent change in priorities, A-Hope is now manned by volunteers. We would like to form a CBHT A-Hope Volunteer Team of 6-8 people to commit to one morning each quarter (4x/year) to help provide the basic services at the center. The staff will train us. Please consider signing up to be part of a temple team to help meet this very important need in our community. Contact Sherrill Zoller, tikkunolam@bethhatephila.org if you have any questions or are willing to help.

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