Capital Campaign Update – April, 2018

Message from Larry Weiss, Capital Campaign Co-Chair

The campaign to pay for the extensive additions and renovations to our facility shows determination and faith in our future to all who enter our space. We realized nearly ten years ago that making a commitment to the future of our temple was a ‘now or never’ proposition. We’ve invested time, effort, and funds to ensure that those who follow our steps will have a spiritual home to benefit from.

It is gratifying to see what we have given rise to. At the same time, it is essential to understand where we are in this journey. The structure is in place, but we’ve not yet secured enough funding necessary to pay off the bank, making our facility free and clear of the need to have to keep coming to you for this essential support.

We need both additional pledges and for those of you who have promised support to come through with your funds.
There are many newer members/families who may not realize that the dream has yet to be fulfilled. Please consider what you can do to ensure that our temple can operate as our permanent Jewish home for today, tomorrow, and forever.

Campaign Co-Chair Joe Karpen is meeting with all congregants for 30 minutes to update you on the campaign needs. Please contact Joe directly or the Temple on how you set up your 30 minute meeting. Or fill in the form to have Joe contact you.

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