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Sisterhood News

 How wonderful it is when a plan comes together? The Sisterhood Board has undertaken a plan to encourage and enhance engagement among our membership. Additional events and activities have been organized which are bringing this plan to fruition. On January 18, 2018, we had 17 women join together for a delightful luncheon at Olive Garden. New relationships were begun and established ones, solidified! Together we will explore the wonderful Asheville restaurant scene with our monthly “Sisterhood Socials.”
Another aspect of this extended programming will be our alternate month General Meetings, the first of which was on February 1, 2018. We had a short meeting followed my “How Not to Kill an Orchid” presented by Judy Kaplan.
And…always remember the Sisterhood Board Meetings are open to our entire membership! Please see all our upcoming activities by clicking onto the sidebar Sisterhood Activities or contacting the Sisterhood President at

Sisterhood Events


February 15, 2018     12:00 PM          Sisterhood Social at Chestnut

March 1, 2018                 2:00 PM          Sisterhood Board Meeting

March 15, 2018            12;00 PM         Sisterhood Social at Roux

April 5, 2018                     2;00 PM          General Meeting in Dave Hall

April 19, 2018               12:00 PM           Sisterhood Social (TBD)

May 6, 2018    8:30 AM-4:00 PM       Mahj Mania

May 17, 2018                 12:00 PM         Sisterhood Social (TBD)

May 18, 2018                   7:30 PM          Sisterhood Shabbat

June 10, 2018      11:30 AM           Annual Meeting/Woman of the Year

June 21, 2018                  12:00 PM       Sisterhood Social (TBD)