Humor Corner – March 2019

If you could have but one book in your life, what would it be?
One person’s answer, after a long deliberation with herself, is at the end.

Mrs. Fein received a sternly worded notice from her bank that her checking account was overdrawn.

Embarrassed, Ms. Fein sat right down, wrote a note of apology, and sent them a check.

“Live it up while you can, advised the spendthrift. Money is for the good of life, Who needs it lying around in a bank.”

“But, don’t you believe in putting something aside for a rainy day?” asked the frugal companion.”

“Of course not came the quick retort. Name me someone who ever really benefited for that rainy day?”

After a moment of silence or two, “ever heard of Noah?”

Answer to “if you could have but one book,”
the answer was “I’d take a checkbook!.”

From Jewish Humor in America, Spalding