Humor Corner – November 2018

One to smile. One to chuckle.

A Jewish denizen of New York’s lower East Side visited his country cousin, a dairy farmer in Connecticut. The cousin proudly showed his relative the new barn.

“Say, what kind of cow do you call that?” exclaimed the city chap. “I never saw one like it before.”

“That’s a cross between a Guernsey and a Holstein. It’s called a Goldstein.”

The city cousin grinned. “Next you’ll tell me it doesn’t give milk, only sour cream”.

“Not at all,” answered the witty famer. “Instead of saying ‘moo,”, this Goldstein says ‘nu-u-u?”


TV star Danny Thomas, a Lebanese, who told Jewish joke better than most Jews, claimed he bought a parrot from an Israeli Seaman.

Every morning swore Danny, the parrot would shout, “Polly wants a matzah!”

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Ode to Thanksgiving

To our national birds
The American Eagle
The Thanksgiving Turkey
May one give us peace in all our states
And the other a piece for all our plates

…and from Humor Corner

“May you share love and laughs at your Thanksgiving table.”