Israel Trip day 3 – Shabbat Services Plus

We had a meaningful Shabbat experience here in Tel Aviv. Pictured is our candle lighting ceremony at our hotel. We then walked to Congregation Beit Tefilah Israeli. There we were welcomed by the congregation at the Israel House of Prayer. The folks were welcoming and they even provided us a transliterated Siddur and did some things in English. Afterwards we walked back to our hotel for a Shabbat dinner followed by a great song session led by Billy Jonas.

Here is Billy leading us in song after our Shabbat dinner.
This happens to be Barbara and Marty’s lunch eaten at a waterfront restaurant in the Port of Old Jaffa. It’s typical Israeli food with tons of salads and the very best hummus you’ve ever had. We were stuffed.
We can look forward to celebrating havdalah on the beach.
We leave Tel Aviv in the morning.