Israel Trip – Day 4

In the morning, we visited the Save a Child’s Heart in Holan Israel.

The visit to Save A Child’s Heart moved all of our hearts! The children were warm and receptive and helped the visitors (us!) feel comfortable. The work they do repairing the hearts of children from around the world inspired us.


It’s amazing work they (Save A Heart) are doing, helping these beautiful children from around the world. It was sheer joy to play with the children. It is hard to believe that many are just weeks out from their open heart surgery.


I was lucky enough to experience this amazing organization. Not only are the children full of energy and positivity but so are the volunteers. Although I didn’t spend too much time at this home, I definitely left with a message to spread and a piece from the children I spent time with.


Later we hiked in the Lotem Farm and trails which have been set up for handicapped persons. Then after a picnic lunch we crushed grapes with our feet to begin the wine making process.   

Here’s our first view of the Galilee from our bus.

We later rafted on the Jordan River. Here’s Jim, Vivian, Marty and Barbara negotiating the “rough” waters and dodging tree branches and boatloads of Yeshiva girls in other rafts.