Israel Trip – Days 6 & 7

We’ve had a couple of very busy days. We spent one night in a Bedouin camp and rode camels through the desert. 

Then it was on the road at 4 am and our group was among the first to hike up to Masada where we watched the sunrise and then toured the site. Later we visited the Dead Sea and finally made our way to Jerusalem.

And finally we arrived in Jerusalem. We’ll post more about the very moving B’nai Mitzvah ceremony we had today but we’ll end with one picture from the Western Wall.

Here’s also a link from writings of Rick Chess who is traveling with our group and a link to the essay he wrote about Amichai in preparation for our pilgrimage.  Amichai is the world renowned poet of Jersualem, and my short essay was published on Good Letters just before we left for our trip.