Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.  These words are embedded in centuries of Jewish tradition.  But, how do we, living in the 21st century with all the injustices that need to be addressed, know which to act upon, or even which are real?

At Beth HaTephila, the Advocacy Sub-Committee is always on the alert to see where injustices exist.  As soon as we identify them, there are two actions we take.

  1. We immediately contact our congregants with Tikkun Alerts. Since it is important that each concerned congregant fully understands why there is an injustice, each Alert clearly spells out the Issue, Concerns, Rationale, and Action to be taken.  Click here to view Tikkun Alerts that have been sent to congregants who are passionate about social justice.  And, if you too share this passion, 

  3. We develop a plan of action to address the issue of injustice. These plans can consist of writing letters to legislators, to the news media, having learning forums, and even protest marches.

We welcome comments from our congregants identifying issues of injustice that we should pursue. Do you want a feedback form here for comments?  Or possibly on the right sidebar?

For examples of the issues that we have addressed, click here.

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