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Support FEAST

Our congregation is heavily involved in numerous efforts to improve our community and our world. The Food Justice Committee is now introducing our newest collaboration effort, working with FEAST Asheville. Feast Asheville is a non-profit ...

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Volunteer at Manna Food Bank on a Monthly Basis

We are looking for a core group of 8-14 people who will make a commitment to volunteer at Manna Food Bank on a monthly basis. Tasks involve sorting bread and canned food, packing produce, making Manna ...

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The A-Hope Day Center is an integral part of Asheville’s Homeward Bound, the non-profit agency in town responsible for offering services and housing to the homeless. Open from 7 am – noon daily, the center ...

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LGBT Rights and Jewish Values

The two most often cited Biblical texts concerning homosexuality are both found in the book of Leviticus, where they are in the context of a larger section directing sexual behavior. First, it is written: "Do ...

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