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Religious School News May, 2020

As you may know, the word Seder, the same word we use to describe our retelling of the story of Pesach, means “order.”  In addition to Passover, we also have a Tu Bishvat Seder.  As Jews, order and routine are very important to us.  We follow a calendar that directly connects us to our yearly observance order.  As part of the order of our day, we are invited to pray three times—morning, afternoon and evening.  And when celebrating our Shloshim Rigalim, our three major festivals—Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot, we have certain routine practices that we follow, as well.  We even include the counting of days between observances, such as the counting of the Omer that we are currently participating in, as part of our routine.

Recently (maybe it does not feel quite so recent) we have been stripped of much of our order and routine.  School and education, including Religious School and Midweek Hebrew, have been rendered almost unrecognizable.  Our roles at home have changed.  We not only need to be parents now, but also preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, and so on.  Our families are looking to us for added activities and in our house, at least, a lot more food!

Part of what we try to do, even though sometimes it seems futile, is to create a Seder for our days and for our lives.  We are struggling to maintain some type of structure that serves the needs of our little ones and allows us to meet the needs of our home and/or work.  It’s so hard!  I hope I am not the first to say this, but we are doing it!  Even when we meet with resistance or tears, we are seizing an opportunity that our modern reality often does not afford us: time with our children.  You may end a day saying, “That was awful!”  But your children will remember this time very differently.  I honor the work that everyone is doing and believe that, in the end, our families will grow closer.

You are not alone.  We are all feeling the daily aches and pains of trying to be more than we signed on for.  In efforts to connect us and remind us that we are all in this together, we have been creating some fun, family-friendly live opportunities on Facebook.  If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to request admission to our Religious School Facebook group, so you can join in as we come together on Wednesday nights for our Laila Tov Service, Saturday nights for Havdalah, and Sunday mornings for Kehila Tephila.

Our faith reminds us that order and community are our history and our future.  Thank you for continuing to co-create this beautiful community of ours.  I, for one, look very much forward to continuing to serve you and your families.

Seth Kellam,

Director of Religious Education & Sacred Music

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