Jews and Food

A Texan came to New York for the first time and decided to sample that dish he had heard so much about…lox and bagels.

From the very first bite he loved it—so much, in fact, that he returned to the restaurant every day for two weeks and gorged this delicacy.

On his last day in town, he called the proprietor to his table. “I want to thank y’all to know how much I enjoyed that wonderful dish,” he said. “but before I return to my oil wells in Texas, I want to ask you a question.”

“Sure, go ahead and ask.”

“Tell me, which is the bagel and which is the lox?”
(True story)

Harry returned home in a high fury. “That waiter at Epstein’s Deli is the freshest guy I ever met in my life,” he stormed.

“Why? What happened?” asked his wife.

“I told him I couldn’t eat my salad unless I had some Russian dressing, so he brought me a picture of Putin putting on his pants!”
(Maybe true)