Climb the Mountain Together

L’Dor V’Dor Capital Campaign Transforms into a Higher Purpose

Climb the Mountain Together

It’s now time to Climb the Mountain, Make Aliyah, and Meet our Goal!

With three –fourths of the L’Dor V’Dor capital campaign completed and our 125th Anniversary year still fresh in our minds, it is now time to take this achievement and gently, without missing a beat, transition into the final phases. Our “Climb the Mountain” campaign will complete the funding for our outstanding building projects and reduce the debt on the building itself. As a CBHT family we accomplished a beautiful result. It now imperative we push on and keep climbing together until Aliyah is reached.

What does making Aliyah as we climb this mountain mean?  Rabbi Meiri explains that “In the ancient Jewish world, when one made pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem, you were said to have made Aliyah – an ascent, both physically and spiritually.” CBHT President Sam Kaplan adds, “Today, we’ve climbed 75 % of the way to completing our ascent, our Aliyah to completing our Temple home.”

The goal of this campaign phase is to raise $1.4 million in pledges and gifts by the end of the calendar year.  This amount will complete the capital and debt reduction fund . Pledges at all levels, planned gifts and naming opportunities are available. CBHT Capital Campaign Co-Chair Joe Karpen indicates that over $275,000 was raised or pledged from our religious school parents and other congregants since last summer.

The leadership of CBHT is asking that 100% of our congregants join in this critical, big push to make the Aliyah to our goal! Your Contributions to Beth HaTephila Make a Difference… to find out how, contact Craig Frustaci, Executive Director at CBHT at
828-253-4911 ext. 15 or

Capital Campaign Song
Music and lyrics: Sam Kaplan-Gershon
Vocals: Jane Roman Pitt, Geri Garfinkel-Gershon, Steve Shulruff, Elizabeth LaBar and David Leader
Piano: Tracy Levi

Not just a building
more than a song
Beth HaTephila
Where you belong

Check out our classrooms
Dave Social Hall
And the sanctuary
We are standing tall

Beth HaTephila
Make a pledge right now
Together we climb
Make a pledge right now

If you gave already
Thank you for your part
Pledge one year extra
Give from the heart

Let’s start a new era
Let’s finish this phase
Let’s climb the mountain
Celebrate our days

Beth HaTephila
Make a pledge right now
Beth HaTephila
Together we climb
Make a pledge right now


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