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    Humor Corner - March 2019

    If you could have but one book in your life, what would it be?
    One person's answer, after a long deliberation with herself, is at the end.

    Mrs. Fein received a sternly worded notice from her bank that her checking account was overdrawn.

    Embarrassed, Ms. Fein sat right down, wrote a note of apology, and sent them a check.

    "Live it up while you can, advised the spendthrift. Money is for the good of life, Who needs it lying around in a bank."

    "But, don't you believe in putting something aside for a rainy day?" asked the frugal companion."

    "Of course not came the quick retort. Name me someone who ever really benefited for that rainy day?"

    After a moment of silence or two, "ever heard of Noah?"

    Answer to "if you could have but one book,"
    the answer was "I'd take a checkbook!."

    From Jewish Humor in America, Spalding


    Humor Corner - January 2019

    Julius: How many Commandments are there?

    Julia: Ten, of course

    Julius: What would happen if you,-er- well- you know- if you broke one of them?

    Julia (encouraging): So, there'd be nine.


    Poetry time for young lovers:

    A romantic Jewish young Mr.
    Had a girl and he often KR
    But he asked her to wed,
    and she solemnly said:
    "I can never be more than your Sr."

    Both from Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor
    From Biblical Times to the Modern Age
    Compiled and edited by Henry D. Spalding


    Humor Corner - November 2018

    One to smile. One to chuckle.

    A Jewish denizen of New York’s lower East Side visited his country cousin, a dairy farmer in Connecticut. The cousin proudly showed his relative the new barn.

    “Say, what kind of cow do you call that?” exclaimed the city chap. “I never saw one like it before.”

    “That’s a cross between a Guernsey and a Holstein. It’s called a Goldstein.”

    The city cousin grinned. “Next you’ll tell me it doesn’t give milk, only sour cream".

    “Not at all,” answered the witty famer. “Instead of saying ‘moo,”, this Goldstein says ‘nu-u-u?”


    TV star Danny Thomas, a Lebanese, who told Jewish joke better than most Jews, claimed he bought a parrot from an Israeli Seaman.

    Every morning swore Danny, the parrot would shout, "Polly wants a matzah!”

    And from

    Ode to Thanksgiving

    To our national birds
    The American Eagle
    The Thanksgiving Turkey
    May one give us peace in all our states
    And the other a piece for all our plates

    …and from Humor Corner

    “May you share love and laughs at your Thanksgiving table.”


    Often jokes revolve around the social practice of the Jewish religion.

    A man is rescued from a desert island after 20 years. The news media, amazed at this feat of survival, ask him to show them his home.

    "How did you survive?  How did you keep sane?"  they ask him, as he shows them around the small island.

    "I had my faith. My faith as a Jew kept me strong.  Come."

    He leads them to a small glen where stands an opulent temple, made entirely from palm fronds, coconut shells, and woven grass.  The news cameras take pictures of everything - even a Torah made from banana leaves and written in octopus ink.

    "This took me five years to complete."

    "Amazing! And what did you do for the next 15 years?"

    "Come with me."

    He leads them around to the far side of the island. There, in a shady grove, is an even more beautiful temple.

    "This one took me 12 years to complete."

    The reporter asked "But sir, why did you build two temples?"

    "This is the temple I attend. That other place? Hah! I wouldn't set foot in that other temple if you paid me!"

    Which one do you belong to?


    The Cavity

    A dentist was examining a new patient. "Oh, my" he said. "This is the biggest cavity I've ever seen. The biggest cavity I've ever seen."

    "Was that really necessary?" asked the patient.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I'm frightened enough as it is. Why did you repeat yourself about the size of the cavity?"

    "I didn't," said the dentist. "That was the echo."

    Sometimes in life, one must just say it twice.


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