Post Yom Kippur

Dr. Michael Miller, indicated people should combine regular exercise with 15 minutes of laughter a day for good cardiovascular health. “It is conceivable that laughing may be as important to maintain a healthy endothelium, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” said Miller.

A Laugh A Day May Keep Heart Disease At BAA
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March 9, 2005

Jewish humor examines the role of religion in contemporary life, often gently mocking the religious hypocrite.

So, grab your phone and start or add to the necessary 15 daily minutes.  Time yourself. Rule is, you must read Humor Corner out loud with vigor and meaning. You cannot be a silent “laugher.” Make noise, please.

A Reform Rabbi was so compulsive a golfer that once, on Yom Kippur, she left the house early and went out for a quick nine holes by herself. An angel who happened to be looking on immediately notified his superiors that a grievous sin was being committed. On the sixth hole, God caused a mighty wind to take the ball directly from the tee to the cup – a miraculous shot.

The angel was horrified. “A hole in one,” he exclaimed, You call this punishment, Lord?

Answered God with a sly smile, “So, who can she tell?”

According to, this short Rabbi story should have taken you .07 minutes reading out loud.  Now search out 14.3 minutes more humor. Laugh and stay healthy.