Rabbi Response to Charlottesville

It is vital when acts of violence pierce the collective peace and well-being that are the promise of American society, that we never stand by and be silent. Of late, hate groups have become emboldened and their xenophobia disguised as the pursuit of equality.

What was uniquely frightening about the gathering in Charlottesville was that it united factions of haters together. Their ideology cannot be allowed to be legitimized or their actions condoned, tacitly or otherwise. We can and should expect our lawmakers to be leaders on this issue and it is up to us to hold them accountable for speaking out against hatred on our behalf.

Consider asking your representatives to condemn the bigotry and hate that reared its head in Charlottesville and threatens the core values of our tradition and our country’s tradition-that all are created equal under God and we should love our neighbor and the stranger as ourselves.

I believe that what we saw over the weekend isn’t the sentiment of the majority. Moving forward it will take every single person’s vigilance to keep fear from becoming the currency we, as Americans, choose in the future.

To make your concerns known to your Congressional representatives, you may use the link below from the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.


L’Shalom, in peace,

Rabbi Batsheva H. Meiri