Religious School News – May 2019

A Fond Farewell

This will be my final bulletin article for CBHT. I am writing with a certain amount of sadness, accomplishment and hopes for the future. I have worked with a wonderful group of teachers who have challenged me and risen to the challenge of new programs and approaches to teaching. Rabbi Meiri, Buffy and Craig, the school committee and the board, have supported my work. There have been new activities that I hope have and will become part of the religious school memory and experience even after I have left the school.

I know that the future for the school will be bright for students, teachers and parents under Seth Kellam’s leadership. I know you will go from strength to strength as a new chapter in the life of the school begins.

In a sense, I am not leaving completely. The experiences we have shared and the lessons we have learned together will hopefully stay with all of us. It is my prayer and hope that this will happen. Thank you for the experience of serving the congregation. My gratitude, appreciation and best wishes.