Support FEAST

Our congregation is heavily involved in numerous efforts to improve our community and our world. The Food Justice Committee is now introducing our newest collaboration effort, working with FEAST Asheville. Feast Asheville is a non-profit that aims to increase the number of students in Buncombe County who grow, prepare and eat fresh produce as a part of their daily lives. Let’s help FEAST Asheville get cooking with the kids!

The mission of FEAST Asheville is to empower youth and families to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables through hands on cooking and garden education. Their philosophy is to increase exposure to gardening and cooking, alongside hands-on learning experiences connected to the Common Core Standards, to allow for increased academic learning and fostering a connection between school, home environment and personal nutrition. Students develop improved critical thinking skills and carry the knowledge of growing and eating healthy foods with them throughout their lives.

FEAST classes focus on

  • problem solving, communication and teamwork
  • Increasing fresh, locally grown produce in everyday living
  • gaining confidence by exploring different ways to prepare fresh produce
  • creating and changing recipes, substituting ingredients
  • learning how food affects your brain and body
  • connecting to Core Curriculum and Essential Standards in math, reading, writing, science, health and nutrition

Contact Alice Cohen for more information at or call 828-251-1586.

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