The March of Our Lives

On March 24th, many of our temple teens joined their NFTY counterparts both in Raleigh and here in Asheville as participants in the youth-led March for our Lives to stop school gun violence.

For the adults attending the March, it was an amazingly inspiring event as we witnessed the articulation and commitment of our youth as they expressed their fears of school shootings and frustration over inaction on the part of legislators to adequately address their concerns. They called for renewed attention to the issue through political action and voting.

Below are quotes and a picture of some of our own teens who were part of the marches:

Nina G.: I am really glad I went to the march. It’s not right that we can’t feel safe at school and we must keep talking about this problem so we can fix it.

Noah G.: It seems the politicians in Washington don’t care about our safety as much as they care about doing what the NRA tells them. We need to get new people to represent us in the government.

Gabriel M.: I was amazed how many people were there considering the number of people I imagine own guns in our state. And the crowd had great enthusiasm. I particularly enjoyed hearing from a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting who now has a child in public school and how she has to be taught how to stay safe at school.