Welcome to CBHTs New Website

After a year in the making, the new website changes the way CBHT communicates with its members, the community, and the world. Telling the stories of CBHT is a major focus shift. The website will be the “go to” place for current information, discussions, temple highlights, schedules, and blogs.

Some of the New Features and functions

  • Responsive layout – Changes based on size and orientation of device, e.g. smartphones to desktop displays See example
  • Conversations – Blogs, comments, posts See example
  • Live and Interactive Calendars – Multiple views and by categories See example
    Calendar Views
  • Online forms and sign-ups
  • Top Stories are Featured on first page See example
    Top Stories
  • Highly interactive
  • More current content
  • More graphics and interactive media
  • Read More… – Provides excerpts to see more of what is available and then expand the items when you want more
  • Upcoming events on first page – always up-to- date for next 2 weeks

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