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The Lotte Meyerson Tikkun Olam Committee


  • 1st Friday each month from 1-3 PM @ MANNA– CBHT volunteer team. Contact Sandra Layton to help.
  • 3rd Friday each month @ noon – CBHT Vets shelter meal serving. Contact Hilary Paradise to help.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Shabbat–
    • at CBHT, Friday, January 11th
    • at St. James AME, Sunday, January 13th
  • Monday, February 4th @ 4:30 PM—next L.M. Tikkun Olam meeting.
  • Sunday, February 17th – Souper Bowl – Chefs Needed–RSVP:

Hanukkah and the Refugee Crisis Republished from

As Jews across the world celebrate Hanukkah, we commemorate the Maccabees’ victory over the tyrannical King Antiochus.

Prior to his defeat, Antiochus had desecrated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and forbade Jewish religious observance. Thus, the miracle of a meager amount of oil lighting the menorah in the Temple for a full eight days signifies to us the righteousness and wonder of overcoming a regime of persecution and violence.

Today, refugees have fled their homes seeking an opportunity for the hope that lies at the core of our celebration of Hanukkah – to live freely according to one’s own beliefs and conscience. In Central America, gang warfare and weak government institutions have led to a situation in which kidnapping, torture and murder are all too common. Many have embarked on a treacherous northward journey in order to reach a place where they will be free of constant fear.

In the midst of the Hanukkah celebration, we should remember the hardships facing today’s refugees, who unlike the Maccabees do not have the military might to resist the systemic violence inflicted against them both at home and during their travels to safety. As we reflect on the global refugee crisis this week, we can also take action by telling our elected officials that we support a robust refugee resettlement program that places humanitarian assistance and mercy over xenophobia and fear.


The weekend of January 11th-13th will kick off a week of community celebrations in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and will be twice as joyous this year. On Friday, January 11th, CBHT will be joined by the St. James African Methodist Church community, with the Reverend Brent L. Edwards as guest preacher, and the St. James Perfecting Praise Choir and the Prophetic Dance Ministry; on Sunday, January 13th, the CBHT community will join the Sunday morning worship at St. James AME Church, with Rabbi Meiri as the guest preacher, and the Kol Simcha Choir.

This will be a Sabbath of unity and friendship between the communities — which we hope will be the beginning of a lasting relationship with our fellow house of prayer.

Please welcome the St. James AME Church Community when they come to celebrate with us and enrich our worship on Friday, January 11th, at 7:30 PM and continue the celebration by supporting their community, the Rabbi and the Kol Simcha Choir by participating at St. James AME Church, Sunday, January 13th, at 11 AM.

Deep Jewish Family Roots in Asheville Pave the Future for the Green Family

“Temple Beth HaTephila holds such a significant place in our family history that we both wanted to help continue the tradition of giving and provide an example to our children. We both felt and continue to feel that it is important for this community to have a beautiful and state-of-the-art center for Jewish worship and education.”   Darren and Marissa Green

Hailing from St Petersburg and Maitland, Florida, Darren and Marissa Green met at a Bar Mitzvah of one of Darren’s cousins in Sarasota, FL in 2000. They were married in 2004 and had their first child Molly in 2007. Moving to Asheville in late 2007. They started a woodworking business called The Old Wood Co., now celebrating its 10th anniversary and joyfully added Judd and Quinn to their family in 2010 and 2013.

We have been members of CBHT since early 2008. We send all of our children to Sunday school and have contributed to the Capital Campaign as well as participate in family services,” adds Darren. Continue reading Deep Jewish Family Roots in Asheville Pave the Future for the Green Family

New Art at the Temple

We are delighted to announce that Lynn and Pat Patton Grimes, in memory of their parents, Marilyn and Buddy Patton, donated a marvelous piece of art to the Temple.

Festival of Lights
Festival of Lights

The work, a woven fiber mosaic, was designed and constructed by a Cuban-American Jew, the now deceased Jose′ Augustin Fumero. He had a studio in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

A graduate of the Fine Arts Program at Cooper Union, New York. Mr. Fumero had lectured at the Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina. His works have been widely exhibited, and can be found in a number of museums and private collections.

The piece is a welcome addition to our beautiful Temple. It is entitled Festival of Lights, and is hanging in the Dave Hall Social Hall.

Ellen Carr,
Arts Committee

Two Congregations – One Building – Creates Multiple Opportunities to Learn and Grow


“I know that CBI would make the same offer to us. And I’m so pleased we are in the position of doing such a mitzvah.”
                                                            Rabbi Batsheva Meiri

Rabbis and PresidentsFounded in 1899, Congregation Beth Israel (CBI) is transforming their space with a Capital Campaign “Giving and Growing Together.” After 50 years in the same building, an aggressive 11-month renovation is underway including changes to the sanctuary, learning spaces, social hall and common spaces. Della Simon, President of CBI notes, “We knew that during the construction phase of our project we would need to be in an alternate space. Our leadership considered multiple venues – primarily houses of worship. While CBI looked at renting space from several area churches, in the end it made the most sense for us to reach out to our friends at Congregational Beth HaTephila (CBHT) in leveraging our strong, long-standing relationship in hopes that they would be open to supporting our congregation during this year.

Rabbis Meiri and Goldstein were discussing at a morning coffee the plans for CBI’s renovation and temporary relocation. Rabbi Meiri noted, “I asked, what they were doing and why hadn’t they contacted us because we certainly had the space available.” Rabbi Goldstein added, “Yes, she said quite clearly and matter of factly that it only made sense for CBHT to host us during our year of renovation.  And she was and remains to be correct – it only makes sense!”

When CBHT President Karen Hyman heard that CBI needed a temporary home, she asked them to stop looking elsewhere and assured them that CBHT wanted to make it work for them to share their space. Karen said, “We had just recently built out the remaining space on our lower level, so it was perfect timing. Della and I met to work out the basic framework of the arrangement and then we were off and running. This is just the right thing to do for our friends at CBI, and it has been working out great.

Cohabitation of congregations began in the fall of this year. CBI calls Unger Hall the downstairs ‘home’ until the renovations are completed in time for the 2018 High Holidays.

“CBHT has been so generous with sharing space for us to be able to learn, pray, celebrate, and gather; the JCC has been so accommodating for our Sunday School needs, JFS has offered us use of their kosher kitchen to prepare our communal meals – all around and in every way the Jewish community of Asheville continues to show its true spirit of support and togetherness.”                 Rabbi Justin Goldstein

Continue reading Two Congregations – One Building – Creates Multiple Opportunities to Learn and Grow