Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The affairs of the Temple are managed by the Board, which has full control and authority over the management of all affairs of the Temple

Temple Officers

Name Position Email
to each one
Tikkun Gottschalk President president
Gaia Goldman 1st Vice President firstvp
Sabrina Rockoff 2nd Vice President secondvp
Raymond Capelouto Treasurer treasurer
Larry Weiss Assistant Treasurer assttreasurer
Eric Naimark Secretary secretary

Remaining Board Members

Karen Hyman Past President pastpres
Paul Glaser Brotherhood brotherhood
Evelyn Gates / Phyllis Nalick Sisterhood sisterhood
Harris Livingstain Trustee trusteea
Marty Mann Trustee trusteeb
Chuck Rosenblum Trustee trusteec
David Seligman Trustee trusteed
Catherine Shane Trustee trusteee
Marty Stickle Trustee trusteef
Shannon Tuch Trustee trusteeg
Yliana Tuck Trustee trusteeh
Carol Wenom Trustee trusteei
Batsheva Meiri Rabbi rabbi

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