Humor Corner – August 2019

The sign in the theater box – office read: Service Men special today – 90 cents.

Anita Wonder went up to the window, laid down a five dollar bill and said, “I’ll take two marines, two sailors and a paratrooper!”

(WW II humor – politically incorrect today?)


Senator Jacob Javits of New York was in England on one of those fact-finding junkets so beloved by Congress members.

A constituent happened to be in D.C., and decided to stop in to see his senator. After wandering around the cavernous Senate Office Building for awhile, he finally located the proper office and introduced himself.

“I’m sorry,” said the secretary, “but Senator Javits has gone to the United Kingdom.”

“Oh, my goodness!” exclaimed the visitor, clearly taken aback. “Is it too late to send flowers?”

Classic Jewish Humor in America
Henry D. Spalding|