Humor Corner – June-July 2019

An elderly man refuses to leave for the air raid shelter until he can find his dentures. His wife yells at him,
“What, you think they are dropping sandwiches?”


Q: Is one permitted to ride in an airplane on Sabbath?
A: Yes, as long as your seat belt remains fastened. In this case,
it is considered that you are not riding, you are wearing the plane.


Israelis view of themselves:

An Israeli, a Brit, a Russian, a Vietnamese man
and an American are sitting in a restaurant.

A reporter comes by and asks. “Excuse me, but can I get your opinion
on the recent grain shortage in the third world?”

The Brit asks: “What’s ‘shortage’?”
The Vietnamese asks: “What’s ‘grain’?”
The Russian asks: “What’s an ‘opinion’?”
the American asks: “What’s the third world?”
The Israeli asks: “What’s ‘excuse me’?”

…and you ask?