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The Shtetl: Home of Most of Our Ancestors

A study of the history, music, art and literature of that era
October 23, 30 and November 6, 13 and 20
Presenter: Rubin Feldstein, CBHT
10:00-11:30 more

Jews have lived in Diaspora for more than two millenniums.  After the Diaspora, and for about 1000 years their heaviest concentration was in Eastern Europe. They were always a minority population in often austere and hostile environments. In order to preserve their religion, culture and values they created communities tucked in amongst the host populations. These communities had no officially recognized power or standing and yet they functioned. They were called shtetls (correct Yiddish plural would be shtetlach).

There is a great deal of accurate historical information, mythology, folk lore and misinformation about them. So what, exactly, were they? They were too complex and diverse to have an “exactly”. We will study the history, the culture (music, art, literature) and what they passed on to us.

Join us as our own Rubin Feldstein, raconteur, wit and man of good cheer, shares his wealth of knowledge about that part of our varied history.

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