Sacred Music

Sacred Music is part of every Shabbat service.  CBHT has a Sacred Music Team as well as the congregational choir – Kol Simcha.  Read about them and listen to some music samples to appreciate the quality of our music program.

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Sacred Music Team

The Congregation Beth HaTephila Sacred Music Team was founded in the summer of 2012 when the Temple had the opportunity to creatively rethink its music program. In lieu of music being delivered by one invested cantor, we realized our musical needs might be better served by a diverse group of individuals with various capabilities and musical backgrounds. We began to envision a robust music program that encompassed expanded repertoire, new composers, and multiple variations on musical leadership from week to week. Rather than pursuing the traditional method of searching the nation for someone to join us to help achieve this vision, we turned to the talent already within our community- both professional and volunteer musicians- to serve the congregation. And our Sacred Music Team was born.

The Sacred Music Team is made up of Billy Jonas, Seth Kellam, and Kim Wilde.

Billy Jonas
Seth Kellam
Kim Wilde

Each came to their service to the congregation with professional musical experience and have spent years crafting their art for the congregational worship setting. Supporting them, we have composers, professional and volunteer instrumentalists, and volunteer singers from within the congregation who enhance our musical programming throughout the year and on the High Holy Days.

Kol Simcha Choir

The CBHT Choir is led by Kim WIlde and has become outstanding and a joy to experience.

Composed entirely of volunteer congregants, the Congregational Choir exists to enhance the Jewish experience of everyone we touch.

The Choir offers choir members and the larger congregation a channel to a more meaningful and engaged Jewish life through the spiritual and emotional power of music. The Choir offers numerous outlets for individual creativity, musical and spiritual growth, and participative leadership.

All repertoire is selected by a music committee in coordination with the Choir Director with the sole intent of serving the interests of the congregation. The repertoire includes a variety of styles, arrangements and accompaniment, and is selected to encourage congregational participation.

The Choir rehearsals are uplifting and compelling – they are Positive, Planned, and Participatory.

  • Positive: Fun, joyful, and meaningful. Building upon strengths, continuous improvement, constructive coaching.
  • Prepared: Each rehearsal is planned beforehand to respect the time of each member. Each rehearsal has a pre-planned balance of learning new music, enhancing old music, learning new musical skills, and enjoying singing with each other.
  • Participatory: The Choir offers numerous ways to express creativity and leadership, e.g. Assistant/Student Directors, Congregational Advocate, Music Committee, Centering Leader, Rehearsal Chair, etc.

Want more information about the choir? Click here to go to the Kol Simcha page.

Music Samples

L’Dor V’Dor

Listen to a live recording sung by Seth and Sarah Kim at one of our Bar Mitzvahs.

Or listen to a sampling of songs from Services

  1. Halleluyah Geri Garfinkel and Kol Simcha choir. Composed by Nava Tehila. 0:44
  2. Sanctuary Billy Jonas - an old spiritual song 0:34
  3. L'cha Dodi Sarah Kim Wilde - composed by Craig Taubman 0:39
  4. Mi Sheberach Isaac Rockoff - composed by Cantor Lisa Levine 0:33
  5. Sh'ma Billy Jonas - composed by Billy Jonas 0:38
  6. Hodo Al Eretz CBHT High Holiday Ensemble 1:07
  7. Ahavat Olam Billy Jonas - composed by Billy Jonas 0:26
  8. Yiheyu L'ratzon Sarah Kim Wilde with James McMahon - composed by Portnoy 1:37
  9. Hashkiveinu-One Day Mashup Kol Simcha choir. Haskiveinu by Craig Taubman and One Day by Matisyahu. This arrangement is by Seth Kellem. 2:18
  10. Esa Enai Isaac Rockoff and Kol Simha choir. Arranged by James McMahon. 3:00
  11. Mi Chamocha Kol Simcha choir. Composed by Dan Nichols, arranged by James McMahon. 1:01


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