Watch Services Online

Live broadcasts of Services are available Friday nights starting at 7:25 PM for regular services. It will start at 6:25 PM for the Early Service on the first Friday of the month.

Facebook feed: You may have to scroll to find the live service. Full screen instructions are below the image. There is also a direct link to Facebook near the bottom.

If you want to watch full screen,

  1. click on the Facebook icon to the right of the Congregation Beth HaTephila name above. It looks like:. This will open a new Facebook window.
  2. On the Facebook window, move the mouse over the image. A control bar will appear at the bottom. Click on the “click to enlarge” icon
  3. If you don’t want to see the chat column, mouse over the image to bring up the control bar and click on the “view full screen” icon

Follow this link to view on Facebook directly. No Facebook account is needed, unless you wish to use Facebook chat. You may get pestered to log in to Facebook with this method. Ignore it and scroll or close the “create login” display.

Mobile browsers may have to be in “Desktop” mode.

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