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Religious School News - June July 2019

Seth Kellam

Let’s keep on learning!

I know! I know!  We just finished out the school year!  And, by the way, what a great school year it was.  Lots of learning, lots of giving and lots of fun!  But there is no better time to think about our CBHT Religious School mission than now.  As we know, our goal is to Grow Jewish Lives.  And, that doesn’t need to end at the end of the school year.  As parents we are often considering ways of closing the gap that summer break creates.  Our Jewish lives are no different.  So, here are some fun ways to continue to grow Jewishly, over the summer:

  • Come to services! Family and Regular services have their own vibe during the summer.  You may find that we are outside more.  We also like to mix some more traditional tunes with some covers.
  • Light Shabbat candles at home. If you are feeling insecure about the blessings or the tunes use YouTube!  You may find old favorites or new ones that resonate with your family.
  • Make Havdalah! You can build your own Havdalah set!  Find some spices from the yard!  Did you know that there is more than one tune for Havdalah?  Check out the Rick Recht version!
  • Why don’t we start saying Shema before bed? Can you use a different tune for every night? How about Billy’s Shema?  What about the Pik Shema?  Of course, we can always do the traditional Sultzer version!
  • Do you ever say Motzi before eating? How about the camp version?  Can you make up your own?
  • Gratitude, gratitude gratitude! There are always opportunities to express thanks.  From Modeh Ani in the morning to conversations of thanks at the dinner table.

 Needless to say, Jewish living and growth never have to end.  And, if you want to feel the joy that we create every Sunday try including some of our homegrown tunes, at home!


 Seth Kellam

Education Director 

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