Sisterhood information

CBHT Sisterhood – We Make A  Difference

We are the Sisterhood of Congregation Beth HaTephila working together to serve our Temple, support our community, and enrich our live through personal growth and friendship.

Who We Are

  • We offer strength and support to the congregation at large as well as to our own membership.
  • We come from many locations, backgrounds, teaching and experiences.
  • We are united to develop meaningful ties to Judaism, one another and our congregation.

What We Support

  • All Temple activities and functions as well as the religious school.
  • Our membership by having special events, such as programs, fundraising activities and informal luncheons.
  • The Temple gift shop.
  • High Holiday special onegs.
  • Social action activities that benefit our members and our community.

Come join us and enjoy the camaraderie. We each bring our special talents to share with the group and the community, making the events we plan very special, and we have fun!

A Prayer of Thanks for Sisterhoods

Our First Lady, Hillary Clinton, writes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” She is only echoing a time-honored tradition of Sisterhood throughout this country.

What we are creating, every day, with every activity, is that village.  We are are creating a village where  each child is cared for and looked after. We are creating a village where our aging parents and grandparents feel appreciated and useful, where their wisdom and energies are fully utilized.

We are creating a village where women can contribute, through acts of tzedakah, to help the sick, the stranger, the poor the abused.

We are creating a village where women can gather spiritual renewal and intellectual challenge to face the demands of their daily lives.

We are creating a village built upon a foundation of faith, spirit, moral principles and family values.

I am thankful to be a part of such a village.  Each of us should be proud to be a pillar in the village walls– the walls that surround, protect and enhance our lives and the lives of all those who are a part of the village in which we live.

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