President’s Message – Sept. 2019

It may be summer, but a lot has been happening at CBHT in the office, in the “boardroom” and behind the scenes.  The office staff and Board have been busy keeping the wheels of the temple business well-greased.  We recently entered the new fiscal year in July; thank you to all of our members who renewed their membership for this fiscal year!  The staff continues to work on a few lingering bugs in the Shulcloud system, but I strongly encourage you to try out the web-based membership system if you have not already done so.

You may have noticed a few oddities in the appearance of the temple, the missing ceiling tiles inside, or the orange cones near the playground.  Some weeks ago, we had a roof gutter break which caused some water damage inside.  Fortunately, our insurance covered most of the cost of repairs, though not all the repairs have been completed yet.  At the playground, a hole appeared in the ground last month, and we are still investigating its cause and a repair.  We hope to have everything put back together in a few weeks.  With the building and the grounds issues, we’ve been blessed with the help of many knowledgeable members who have offered expert advice.

Meanwhile, the staff and board have been busy planning coming events.  The board meets every month, and we expect to hold another leadership development series in the coming months.  Please let one of the board members know if you have in interest this programming.

The various committees continue their work on religious school programs, security, engagement and many other aspects of our temple community.  Please call or email me or Craig if you have an interest in joining a committee.

All of this activity in and around our temple community could not happen without members donating their time and skills.  I know that every member has time and talent in some area, and I urge you to consider additional ways you might be able to donate some of that time or talent to your temple community.  We depend on everyone contributing financially as they are able to —and thank you!—but we also could not thrive the way we do without the many volunteers who work in the office, in security, at HardLox, as ushers, in the religious school, and so on, in every aspect of our temple community.  So, I invite you to volunteer!  There really is something for everyone.