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Social Distancing in Effect. No gatherings at the Temple.
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President's Message - February 2021

Meet Your New Board Members

I am pleased to share some news about the Temple Board.   We recently welcomed to the Board two new members, Alan Feiler and Darren Green.  Many of you may know Alan as a veteran temple leader.  Alan gets most of the credit for inspiring me to participate in the Governance Committee more than ten years ago, with Fred Smith, Errol Stone and Kerry Friedman.  (I’m sure there is a joke about a committee of four lawyers and a doctor…)  More recently, Alan has led our Medical Advisory Committee in its work to support the staff and lay leaders in the policies and procedures we put in place in response to the pandemic.  I am personally very grateful to Alan for this work, and his willingness to join the Board at this time.

Darren Green and his family have been members of the Temple for many years.  Darren and his wife Marissa have three children in the Religious School.  “The CBHT community was one of the first connections Marissa and I made when moving our young family to Asheville in late 2007.  I was very familiar with this synagogue and the significance of its role in my family history.  My great-grand parents Barney and Hattie Pearlman were actively involved with the Congregation in the early 1900’s and that tradition continued with my great aunts and uncles and cousins - Fred and Ann Pearlman (their sons Skip and Lowell Pearlman) as well as Dave and Audrey Pearlman, and my grandparents Maurice and Thelma Pearlman Rothman Marissa and I both share this commitment of supporting our local synagogue and exposing our children to the importance of a Jewish community.”  I am grateful to Darren for his willingness to join the Board during a very intense year for us all.

The new Board members filled two mid-year vacancies.  Under the by-laws, a mid-year vacancy is filled by Board vote, and the person filling the vacancy carries out the remaining term of the Board seat being filled.  At each annual meeting in June, the membership is presented with the slate of Board members and Officers by the Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee began to meet in January, and will continue its work through March and April to develop the slate to present at the annual meeting.  Please contact me or Buffy to learn more about the Nominating Committee, or to share your own suggestions about who should be nominated.  This year we will have a number of Board vacancies, as well as vacancies on the Executive Committee.  Now is also a good time to consider which committees you may want to become involved in.  As always, please email or call me anytime with any ideas or questions about the Temple.

Tikkun Gottschalk,
CBHT President

Mon, April 19 2021 7 Iyar 5781