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President's Message - November, 2020

A few minutes after the Neila service ended the evening of September 28th, I felt more than the usual sense of relief at the close of High Holy Days.  In the days and weeks before that moment, I had been deeply involved in the Temple’s High Holy Day preparations.  The vast majority of the effort was put in by others (there is a long list in the Guide), but I watched it all unfold over the late summer with increasing amazement.  Many, if not most, of our members have personal experience in how dedicated our staff and volunteers are, but the effort devoted to producing High Holy Days was just astounding.  So, with apologies to the “Harper’s Index,” I have prepared the following Index of the High Holy Days (HHD) to offer you a sense of the scale of the efforts involved:

  • Estimated number of attendees at Erev Rosh HaShanah services each year from 2000-2019: 400
  • Number of views of the streaming Erev Rosh HaShanah services (and counting): 781
  • Ratio of raw recorded video footage for HHD to video footage streamed during services: 12:1
  • Number of volunteers involved in producing HHD observances: 70+
  • Estimated time (in hours) devoted to producing HHD streaming services by three key volunteers: 450
  • Number of separate “Heal Us Now” videos recorded by choir members: 44
  • Length of finished “Heal Us Now” video versus time spent producing it (in minutes): 5:12,000
  • Number of songs rehearsed and recorded during HHDs by Choir and Ensemble: 90
  • Note range between highest and lowest octave hit by Choir/Ensemble (in octaves): 3.5
  • Volunteer editors assisting in production of HHD Guide: 14
  • Number of Guide volunteers under the age of 10: 1
  • Hours of printing time used by copier printing Guides: 7.33
  • Temperature difference (Fahrenheit) in printing room after 7.33 hours of printing: +4
  • Size of the HHD Guide file: 30,432 KB
  • Number of DVDs needed to save video streamed during HHDs: 10
  • Number of Zoom calls during HHD planning: countless
  • Average number of times per Zoom call someone said “your mic is off”: 5
  • Number of different smartphone/pc apps used in production of HHDs: 7
  • Most used emoji during HHD streaming services on FaceBook: ❤️

Tikkun Gottschalk, CBHT President

Mon, April 19 2021 7 Iyar 5781