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Religious School News

Religious School News


Religious School News - September 2021

Returning to school can require some adjustment.  Initially one might need to physically adjust.  We need to be up earlier than we might prefer.  We have to sustain our energy for the entire day!  That might require additional sleep, adjusted diet and even exercise.  But what always takes me by surprise is all of the emotional adjustments that need to happen when returning to school.

Like all of the children in our congregation, I too am returning to school for my third year of Cantorial training.  School has never come easily to me and while I love my field of study, re-entry into academic life always stings.  Without knowing exactly what the flow of my day and week is, fills me with anxiety.  Not to mention the self-doubt I have surrounding learning.  Once the semester begins, my anticipatory anxiety is replaced with the stress around keeping up with my assignments and keeping up with my comprehension.  Can I stay afloat?

Fortunately, I have enough life experience to temper those concerns so that they don’t overwhelm. But, they used to!  And, I’m sure that some of our CBHT students feel similarly.  Our teachers at CBHT Religious School recognize this and feel compassionately.  Our teachers are passionate, caring, thoughtful, Jewish leaders, who give of themselves tremendously.  They are excited about being Jewish, and sharing our faith, practices, and values with our students.  And, built into our tradition is the desire to encourage everyone to feel the same.

It may be another crazy start to the school year, however, with masks on our faces and love in our hearts every Sunday.  But like Abraham and Sarah, we will welcome every student with full and complete compassion.

Seth Kellam,
Director of Religious Education & Sacred Music

Sun, October 2 2022 7 Tishrei 5783