The Humor Corner – March 2020

Humor Corner strays a bit this month to keep readers’ minds fresh.
Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations, published 1972, is a dazzling 4,352 Proverbs, Folk Sayings, Witticisms, Insights, Maxims and Moralisms – collected over 58 years.They are garnished with irony, paradox, and truth. Enjoy. Learn. Discuss..
“I have tried to include in this book, only those sayings that will make you laugh, smile, or think.”

Leo Rosten
“I never met a man in whom I failed to recognize some quality superior to myself if he was older, I said he has done more good than I; if he was younger, I said he has sinned less; if richer, I said he has given more to charity; if poorer, I said he has suffered more; if wiser, I paid honor to his wisdom; if not wiser, I judged his faults less severely. Take this to heart my son”
The Testament of Judah ben Jehiel Asher (1250-1327


Only one type of worry is correct; to worry because you worry too much.

Riches bring anxiety; wisdom gives peace of mind.
All night, all cows look black.
Men see what we wear, not what we eat.
A goat has a  beard- but that does not make it a rabbi.
A homely patch is prettier than a beautiful hole.
If velvet and silk hang in your closet, you can step out in rags
When you have a new coat hanging on the wall, your old one does not feel ashamed.
A man looks to you the way you look at him.