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The Humor Corner - July 2021

Filling your brain with USUABL birthday toasts.

  1. Tony is a man who combines the wisdom of youth with the energy of old age.
  2. Tony did not quite make it as a financial director. He used to look at a balance sheet and if the total assets and total liabilities were the same, he would figure everything was OK!
  3. His boss once said to him, “Be objective.” He replied, “I’m too knowledge to be objective.”
  4. When Tony was once in Hong Kong, he bought a suit. He found this note written on the inspector’s tag inside the pocket. The note began, “Dear most honored customer,.” and asked him to send a photo of himself in the suit to a specific address. Tony thought this was very nice, so he sent the picture.
  5. 30 days later he got a letter from a Hong Kong tailor shop.  “Thank you for your photo. I have been making these cheap looking suits for many years. I always wondered what kind of slob would wear one.
  6. At Tony’s last medical exam, Tony’s doctor said to him, “this is a personal question, Tony, but at your time of life it is important to know. Do you and Betty have any trouble with mutual satisfaction?” Tony’s reply, “no sale doctor. We are staying with Prudential.
  7. Tony is a profound thinker. He wonders about things like, ‘Is Darwin’s birthday a religious holiday for apes.” 
  8. There are three ways to handle Tony. Do you know one? 
  9. Tony first met betty in 1950. That was her room number!


Till next month for more birthday toasts
Tony says, “stay safe.”

Fri, July 30 2021 21 Av 5781