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Humor Corner - December 2021

A joke from a 1950 Israeli joke book. 

An elderly man refuses to leave for the air raid shelter until he can find his dentures. His wife yells at him, "What, you think they are dropping sandwiches?" 

The Future of Tailoring

The Levine Brothers tailor shop is going through a difficult time period and two partners, Harry and Sidney, are having a chat about their future prospects. Harry says, "Oy Sidney, things are not so hot. It seems the only chances we have to prosper is if the Messiah comes."

"Why do you think the Messiah would help us?" asks Sidney.

"Because." replies Harry, "He would bring the dead back to life."

"Nu?" asks Sidney. "So how would that really help us?"

"Because they would all need new clothes, wouldn't they?" replies Harry. 

"But, what if some of them had been tailors before they died," asks Sidney? "Wouldn't they be competing with us?"

"Don't be a shmuck, Sidney," replies Harry. "They wouldn't know this year's new styles!"  

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784