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Congregation Beth HaTephila

An Engaging, Inclusive, Reform Congregation in the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Temple Garden

Gan Chesed, Our CBHT Sacred Garden

Urban gardens are becoming more and more popular as people realize the benefits of growing food instead of grass. There are fewer pests and weeds to contend with within the city. Urban gardens provide more than just food to those who grow it. For example, gardens use less water than lawns, and the flowers provide a source of pollen for honey bees. The Garden Committee has done a great job maximizing the green space available on our Temple grounds.

We have six raised beds, an apple tree, two fig trees, and an herb garden. Come walk through our herb garden. Take a snip, a sniff, maybe even a taste! The herbs are located to the right of the main doors as you enter the Temple. Each plant is labeled. Herbs are used for their medicinal properties, their culinary values, their fragrance, and even for religious ritual. The use of herbs dates back to biblical times. Remember the bitter herbs on your Seder plate? According to Mother Earth Living, 128 plants are mentioned by name in the Bible.

Sun, April 21 2024 13 Nisan 5784