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Lotte Meyerson Tikkun Olam Committee - November 2021



  • 1st Friday each month from 1-3 PM @ MANNA– CBHT volunteer team.
         Contact Wendy Capelouto at to help.
  • 3rd Thursday each month 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM – CBHT Veterans Restoration Quarters shelter meal serving.  
         Contact Mena Lisa Kates at to help.
  • Monday, November 15th @ 4:30 PM—next LMTO meeting

Successful High Holiday Food Collection for MANNA

This year, our congregation collected a record breaking $18,350 from about 1/3 of our members during the Yom Kippur appeal for MANNA food bank.  We are grateful to Elaine Stein and the Lotte Meyerson Tikkun Olam Committee for organizing the drive again this year.  In recent years, we’ve moved from collecting non-perishable food items to inviting people to make monetary gifts, which allows MANNA to leverage those resources to feed more people in WNC.  Each year, the LMTO's efforts have increased our congregation’s support to MANNA.  This year, however, a single donation of $10,000 formed the backbone of our collective gift.  The donor of this extraordinary gift says, "I intentionally hold off on making my annual gift to MANNA until our congregation’s appeal.  It is important to me to make my gift with the temple’s because I want MANNA to deeply feel the Jewish community’s commitment to relieving food insecurity and our support of Manna’s efforts.”  She hopes to encourage all those of us who support MANNA all year long, to consider making our main gift as part of the spiritual refinement that Yom Kippur inspires in us.  And for those who have not been part of this tradition, to join us next year!        


Hanukkah has traditionally been a time of giving gifts and/or gelt to children.  Ner Shel Tzedakah ("Candle of Righteousness") is a project in which families and individuals devote the sixth night of Hanukkah to learning about the problem of poverty.  They donate the value of the gifts (or the gifts themselves) that otherwise would be exchanged on that night to organizations that assist the poor, locally or globally.  By making donations on the sixth night of Hanukkah, families help the Jewish candle of righteousness glow brightly for those in need.  Don’t let the light go out!

Mon, May 27 2024 19 Iyar 5784